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Irrigation Applications


It is important for everyone to recognize the value of Water Conservation for Garden Irrigation and Landscape Irrigation. By using standard ¼” Drip Irrigation components Sprink-L-ites™ is the ultimate Low Flow Irrigation System. Water conserving Micro Irrigation Spray Heads regulate the water flow limiting the water delivery from 10 to 15 Gallons per hour. Compared to a ½” spray nozzle that uses between 24 gallons and 99gallons per hour, up to 6 times the amount of water used by the ¼” Micro Spray system.

Water placement can be one of the most effective water conservation steps you can take. The Sprink-L-ites™ 21” bendable support increases watering efficency by allowing the gardener to position the water micro spray head to most effectively and efficiently deliver water directly to the desired area of the garden reducing wasted water.

If water placement is not critical the bendable support allows the crystal clear acrylic sculpture to be positioned for the most aesthetic complimentary arrangement for night time illumination.


Everything you need for a beautiful water conserving ornamental garden Irrigation System  is included.


You get 6 durable crystal clear acrylic sculptures that sparkle in the sunlight and create a mesmerizing color changing Landscape Lighting display at night.